Mobile Web Design

No doubt you’ve heard a lot about the necessity of mobile-responsive websitesrecently. Have you wondered how important it really is? In a word: Very. Here’s why and how we can help.

Mobile internet usage has solidly overtaken desktop use, and the majority of consumers are now searching for products and services on their mobile devices. That’s a very real statistic which can affect your business significantly if your website is not mobile-ready.  With smaller screens and little time, consumers will not tolerate a site that takes more than 9-10 seconds to load, and it must read well from their hand-held device. All options and links must function quickly and properly or the viewer will leave your site in search of another.

Most likely, you too have a mobile device and search for information online. If you are like most people, you will not venture into a site that takes too long to load or is too hard to navigate. Your customers feel the same way. Obviously you want to keep your customers (and future clients) happy, and you also will want to make sure your website appeals to search engines like Google and Bing.

A mobile-optimized site will make your web pages look great on all devices. It will resize the layout, menus, content, video and images to fit the screen of the viewer. All of this provides an optimal viewing experience for your customer or prospective client.

At Mobiim, we have a team of experienced web developers and designers to ensure that your site is responsive and adaptable for the best possible customer experience. We know how to create scalable elements for your site with excellent resolution for the reader. Performance is critical in our impatient society, and consumers expect high-quality sites if they are to consider working with you.

Our staff will work with you to make sure your website represents your company professionally. There’s nothing worse than losing business because a customer found a competitor’s website that was faster and easier to use. We will also make sure that your site is fully functional. Clients will be very frustrated if they find errors when they click on a link, or if they see portions of the website that don’t display properly. We build websites that are responsive on different computing devices and compatible with different web browsers to make sure websites perform at their best.

Not sure how your website is performing? You can test it with this link to see if it is mobile friendly. You can also test to see if there are broken links. If performance is less than ideal, call us at 651-590-8080 for professional assistance to help you get back on track. To stay in the game, your website must be mobile optimized, engaging and fully functional. You will reach more people who could convert to loyal customers and share their high opinions of your services with others.

Our goal at Mobiim is to offer essential web marketing tools and services to help our customers grow their businesses and stay ahead of the competition. We design websites with essential mobile-responsive capabilities to do just that. We also offer custom development and design, content management and site maintenance so your site perform at its best. It’s important to us to help you improve your chances of reaching page one for search results that are relevant to your business. We work hard to understand your business and clarify your target market so we can include the appropriate components that will lead to success.

We value our customer relationships as long-term commitments to excellence and valued support. As experts in mobile-responsive websites and custom design, we would like to get to know more about your business and talk about maximizing your website for future growth. We’d be happy to audit your current website or explain the process of creating a new site, along with the benefits you’ll enjoy with a customized online marketing or e-commerce site. Contact our accomplished Mobiim teamat [email protected] or (651) 590-8080.